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GraceFull Childbirth Education class is a perfect balance of science, experience and wisdom.  The powerhouse duo of JJ Brake (Mother of 3, Parent Educator and MFT) & Elizabeth Bachner (Licensed Midwife and Acupuncturist) have a palpable enthusiasm for teaching and guiding both mothers and partners on how to navigate labor.  Known for their humor, they have been educating families for years, breaking down the complex medical language of labor into simple language.  They offer practical and tactical approaches and strategies to face the unknown while providing hands on techniques you can take into the birth room for an empowered birth experience at a hospital, home or birthing center.

The class is taught on two days, 1-6pm (10 hours total) on both Saturday & Sunday as a weekend intensives.   This class teaches:

  • •  the science and wisdom of labor and birth
  • •  the anatomy & physiology of the female body
  • •  tips and techniques on how the birthing partner can support the mom in labor
  • •  signs and stages of labor
  • •  pain coping techniques
  • •  learn the power and closeness of sharing the birth experience with your partner
  • •  creating a birth plan
  • •  physiological childbirth and the hormone cocktail
  • •  what you can control at the birth so you can surrender
  • •  necessary vs. unnecessary interventions
  • •  emotional and mental preparation for childbirth
  • •  how interventions are used
  • •  hand on practice of the positions for labor and pushing
  • •  transitioning into parenthood thru the psychology of childbirth

JJ and Elizabeth simplify labor and prepare you not just physically, but mentally also, helping guide you to find your power through any situation presented.   You will leave with a set of applicable tools and strategies unique to how you birth and understand the scientific evidence that will ease your fears, debunk the myths and allow you to experience birth you desire. 

Classes on both days are from 1pm-6pm, $475 per couple. Silver Lake has lots of great restaurants.  We encourage you to make a date night out of it and enjoy our locals for a meal before or after.


Upcoming Classes:


DATE:  July 22nd and 23rd, 2017
TIME: 1pm-6pm (both days)
COST: $475 per couple

DATE:  September 23rd and 24th, 2017
TIME: 1pm-6pm (both days)
COST: $475 per couple

DATE:  November 18th and 19th, 2017
TIME: 1pm-6pm (both days)
COST: $475 per couple

To sign up - click the link below, go to "Special Series" and scroll down to find your class.