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Health care can be wildly expensive to the average consumer. For instance, an uncomplicated hospital birth cost average is $26,000! Health insurance is a way to reduce your health care bill, but the world of insurance is tricky and filled with technical jargon. This one-hour class is aimed at helping you understanding your medical insurance benefits, identifying the cost difference between hospital and midwife births, and how to attain possible reimbursement through your medical insurance plan.

We’ll discuss and define words like:

  • •  Deductible – what to look for in the fine print
  • •  Out of pocket maximum
  • •  Copay versus coinsurance
  • •  Allowable amounts
  • •  Exclusions

If you’ve ever felt like you need help navigating through the complex world of health insurance, now is your chance to get your questions answered and really understand what you paid for. 

This class is for anyone, no matter where you are choosing to birth your baby as you will learn not only about midwifery care and insurance, but also what you need to know once your baby comes into the world and you need to work with pediatricians.  Because we feel so strongly about parenting being empowered in understanding their insurance, we have made the cost affordable for both GraceFull and Non-GraceFull Families at $26.00 per couple.

Next Class: TBD

TO SIGN UP: Give a call to Nicole Lee, our insurance biller, at (818) 925-0642, or go to her web site to get more information.