Postpartum Support for Partners

Postpartum Support for Partners

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This three-hour workshop is dedicated to helping partners and family members prepare to take care of the mother after childbirth. The postpartum period is discussed at length including what to expect, warning signs of complications and basic needs for mother and baby.

Families will also learn about proper nutrition in postpartum, managing stress, transitioning into life with a baby and practices of self-care. This workshop creates the space to begin thinking and planning for this major life transition A specific postpartum care program is outlined in an easy to use take-home manual as well.

Pregnant mamas are welcome to bring up to 2 guests with them to the workshop.



DATES: Saturday: January 27, March 10, April 28, June 9, July 14, October 6 & December 8
LOCATION: GraceFull Classroom
TIME: 10:00am to 1pm
COST: $100 per family

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