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Our massage therapists are not only professionals with strong hands and decades of combined experience, but are also birth workers and understand the physical needs of your body.  They know how to make your body feel better and your soul feel rested.   Massage is no longer a'treat', but a way to find your sanity both while pregnant and post partum.  Each has a unique touch and we hope that you can find some quite time to rejuvenate.

Besides the usual benefits of a loving touch, you can find relief for:

  • •  Pain
  • •  Stress/Anxiety
  • •  Sleeplessness
  • •  Edema
  • •  Leg Cramps
  • •  Sciatica
  • •  Shoulder Pain
  • •  Head Aches
  • •  Upper Back Pain from Breastfeeding
  • •  Post Partum Fatigue

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