Hospital Births

Hospital Births

Hospital Births

GraceFull Services

We are fortunate to not only have CNMs that have been trained outside of the hospital but are willing to bring this home birth wisdom into a hospital environment. For those of you who want private midwifery care in a hospital environment, we now offer this service. All prenatal and postpartum visit will be in our GraceFull office, you can labor at home and then the birth will happen in one of our local hospitals.

As Close as you can get to a Homebirth in a Hospital

Because you will have a GraceFull Midwife in charge of your hospital birth there are a few details that you would not otherwise get with an OB or Group Midwife practice that make our care worthwhile.

We offer continuity of care. There are no more than 2 CNMs that may be your primary care provider, so you will not be part of a large group practice.  Your midwife is trained in not only anatomy but also physiology, so she will understand the positional changes that are needed when labor is stalled. She understands that a dark, safe room is best for making sure the oxytocin (the hormone that makes contractions in the body) can be present.  You will not be rushed for the birth of your baby nor the birth of your placenta. If you are in need of an epidural or other western medications, she will still be able to be the care provider in charge of a vaginal delivery. And in the case of a true emergency, she will be able to be in the operating room while the MDs are in charge of the surgical birth.

Your midwife will stay with you at home once you are in a good active labor pattern (about 6 cm in dilation) and will be there to help the transition into the hospital.  The birth process is never rushed, and we pride ourselves in how slowly we manage your postpartum care, allowing the placenta to be born easily before we cut the cord (meaning the cord has stopped pulsing before we cut it) giving you plenty of time and space to bond with your baby as you settle into becoming a family.

As long as you and the baby are low-risk you will be able to labor in any part of the room (including the tub and shower), we will listen to the baby with a handheld doppler (so you do not need to be attached to a monitor) and you can push in any position you desire.

The midwife will stay with you at the hospital until after the placenta is born and you are comfortable and stable. (about 1 hour after birth). The registered nurse will assume responsibility for you and your newborn and be in contact with your midwife should anything come up after she has left.

After you give birth you will continue to enjoy the personal and attentive care that Gracefull is known for. Your first Postpartum visit will either be in the hospital or your home (depending on where you are at 24h after giving birth). Follow-up Postpartum visit will be in our office.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Hospital Birth

Because you will be birthing in a hospital environment, we are able to take on some higher risk situations like High Blood Pressure, Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Medical Inductions and VBACs. Remember not every family feels safe outside of a hospital, so for some people, birthing in a hospital with a private midwife is a good compromise.

Can I set up the room the way I want?

Our midwives understand how important your birthing environment is for a successful vaginal birth. While you are at the hospital in active labor and unmedicated our CNM will stay at the hospital and labor sit with you. You can bring in essential oils, battery operated candles, scarfs, photos - almost anything you want to make the room your own.  Hospital beds pretty amazing, as they go both up & down and have squat bars that can be used to get you into almost any position to not only labor but also push your baby out.

Pain Relief

You can use any pain relieving techniques that you want - massage, position changes, a tens unit, essential oils - you get to bring into the room everything that you need. Although you are not able to birth in the water, some labor rooms do have tubs for labor and they all have showers. If you are thinking you may want immediate access to an epidural, a hospital may be a good choice for you. 

Please note, all hospital fees are separate from our fees for midwifery service. You may contact your insurance carrier to get an idea of what the hospitalization will cost.