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Elizabeth Bachner, GraceFull's owner, is busy writing and speaking nationally but still enjoys going to births. Her one-on-one care is perfect for families who are wanting to invest in a customized experience or are looking for more privacy. Everyone who births at GraceFull gets the same gold standard of medical care and midwives who know how to listen to your concerns and hopes. Because of the strong desire for more discretion during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum time we have created a new kind of midwifery experience that is more along the lines of a "concierge" medical experience.

You will receive the same individualized care that we are known for and have access to all of the midwives, each of whom have their different areas of expertise. The difference is Elizabeth will become your personal midwife and you will have 24/7 access to her medical knowledge, her somatic expertise, her passion for helping you become the parent you desire and her mastery at holding a safe space.

All of your prenatal and postpartum visits will follow the same obstetrical schedule but will be in the comfort of your home just like community midwives used to do it back in the day! Elizabeth will be able to draw your blood, take your vitals and listen to your baby while becoming part of your family. With GraceFull Enhanced Care Elizabeth will happily hold your hand at every step and be intimately involved in helping you choose who will be at the birth and introduce you to other care providers, including lactation consultants and pediatricians, who offer the same loving care and attention to detail.

Elizabeth also has experience bring best practices to TV sets and on location for pregnant people where she works as a combination of all of her skills set: doula, midwife, medical expert, and concierge. This combination of skills makes sure that not only best practice can be followed, but while on location she is able to source pregnancy massage therapists, chiropractors, OBs and Perinatologists.

Elizabeth is also available to fly nationally and internationally for births outside of the Los Angeles Area. And if her license is not recognized in your country or state you can hire her to be your personal doula who has a medical background.

Please send us and email letting us know where you live and we will make the first steps to set up a phone consultation with Elizabeth to see if we are a good fit.