GraceFull – Services – Classic Care

GraceFull Classic Care

Prenatal Classic Care

This care is what you will find at most freestanding birthing centers and home birth practices in the Southern California area. All of your visits are private with one of our midwives in our birthing suites to provide you with a relaxed home-like environment while offering our nationally accredited medical standards of care. You will alternate prenatal care with all of our midwives so you get comfortable with who will be by your side when your day comes. We have flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends to work around high Los Angeles traffic times and family working schedules. These private meetings allow you to bring friends and family members to your visits so they can be part of this journey.

If you are birthing at home your 36-week visit will be in your home so a midwife can see where the tub will go and confirm you have everything you need for your birth.

Post-Partum Classic Care

After your baby is born a Licensed Midwife will come back to your home within 24-48 hours after the birth to check in not only on you but also your baby. You will then come back to GraceFull for private one on one meetings at 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks. You are also able to come to our free Mama and Baby Gatherings at GraceFull lead by one of our midwives every week from 10:30 - noon to meet other mamas, weight your baby and be part of our community for 6 months after you give birth.

What are the costs?

Cash is simple and insurance is confusing. That's why we have a Client Concierge to answer all your questions! No matter how you pay you can always use your insurance for labs and ultrasounds. If you want to get the process started and get your questions answered, please contact our Client Concierge Nicole Lee at or call 323.963.3868. Please check out our FAQ section to see a chart that explains our fees.

Blue Shield Explained

We are an “In-Network” provider for our facility and have “In-Network Exceptions” for midwifery services. Blue Shield sends the facility fee checks to us and the midwifery services fee checks to you. We have had too many families in the past deposit the midwifery fee checks they receive into their own bank accounts instead of forwarding the checks to GraceFull. That is the reason why we ask that you pay for the midwifery service fees up front. Please note, Blue Shield will not let any midwifery practices go in network with our midwifery service fees. If you have an issue with this please call Blue Shield and ask them to start sending the Midwifery Service Fees to the midwives (that will help out all of the midwives in town!)