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GraceFull Community Care

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Create your community before you give birth by being part of our groundbreaking GraceFull Group Prenatals. You will receive the same gold standard medical care with the connected and compassionate GraceFull touch we are known for. Your Obstetrical schedule remains the same (1x week until 28 weeks, 2x week until 36 weeks, 1x week until you give birth) - the only differences are you will be part of a community before you give birth and have a reduced fee to save you a bit of cash!

GraceFull Community Prenatal Care

Your first prenatal visit is a private full hour with a midwife, where you can bring the whole family to participate. The followup prenatals are held in our classroom space upstairs at the same time and day of the week with other pregnant mothers. Each pregnant mother will see a midwife privately for her belly check while the other mamas mingle and connect. The next 60 minutes are spent learning, discussing and sharing. Our midwife will facilitate discussions and offer education around set topics include that include: Nutrition and Exercise, How to Ask for Post Partum Help, Detailed Information on Tests to Make Informed Choices and How to find Balance as a Mother.

All 36 week visits are private with a midwife and partners are welcome to join. Home birthing families will have a home visit at 36 weeks.

GraceFull Community Postpartum Care

After you give birth a Midwife will come to your home 24-28 hours after you give birth to check on you and your baby. You are then invited to join our weekly postpartum mama and baby gatherings where you will have some private time with a midwife to check you and your baby's vitals.

Can my partner come to prenatal visits?

At this time Community Care is for the pregnant partner only. Non-pregnant partners are welcome to come to the first and 36th-week prenatal visit, any of the free classes and the private midwife portion of the community prenatal visit to listen to the baby. If you would like to have your partner, family or friends join you at a prenatal visit, for an additional fee you can schedule private prenatal visits.

History of Community Care

Community Care was adopted at GraceFull as a way to make midwifery care affordable and accessible to all income levels. The group prenatal dynamic was originally invented 2 decades ago to help pregnant individuals create a community with each other and enjoy emotional privacy and safety when discussing the challenges of being pregnant. What was found when this model was examined is that it improved physical and medical outcomes over private care! So, we are holding fast to the recommended evidence-based model of group prenatal care, in which only the pregnant individual is a participant. 

We are excited to offer this newest creation to serve the community that allows an affordable option for out of hospital birthing. We look forward to having your voice be heard in this group!

What are the costs?

Cash is simple and insurance is confusing. That's why we have a Client Concierge to answer all your questions! No matter how you pay you can always use your insurance for labs and ultrasounds. If you want to get the process started and get your questions answered, please contact our Client Concierge Nicole Lee at or call 323.963.3868. Please check out our FAQ section to see a chart that explains our fees.

Blue Shield

We are an “In-Network” provider for our facility and have “In-Network Exceptions” for midwifery services. Blue Shield sends the facility fee checks to us and the midwifery services fee checks to you. We have had too many families in the past deposit the midwifery fee checks they receive into their own bank accounts instead of forwarding the checks to GraceFull. That is the reason why we ask that you pay for the midwifery service fees up front. Please note, Blue Shield will not let any midwifery practices go in network with our midwifery service fees. If you have an issue with this please call Blue Shield and ask them to start sending the Midwifery Service Fees to the midwives (that will help out all of the midwives in town!)